Nursing Degrees


Interested in becoming a nurse? Smart choice! Nursing is a career that’s both rewarding and stable. There’s always a need for nurses; the growth rate for nursing jobs continues to be higher than for most other occupations. Not only do nurses make good money, they have the satisfaction of knowing they’re doing good for others. If working as a hospital nurse sounds too fast-paced, there are nursing jobs available in doctors’ offices, outpatient care centers, schools and even patients’ homes.

Is an online nursing degree right for you?

If you’re the kind of person who can handle tough situations and has a love for helping others, this could be the right career for you. To work as a nurse, you must have a degree in nursing or certification. There’s a wide variety of nursing degree options available for those interested in a nursing career. Once you’ve gotten your basic, hands-on nursing training, you can advance your career with online nursing degree programs. Learn more by reading our articles about a nursing degree and nursing careers.

Dream Job: Registered Nurse

Nursing job overview: 60 percent of registered nurses work in hospitals. There are more than 2.6 million nurses in the United States. On average, registered nurses make $62,000 a year. What do nurses do? It ain’t just fluffing pillows and ...Read More...

How to Start your Nursing Career

From CNA to RN, here’s how to become a nurse So you’re thinking about becoming a nurse. That’s a smart career choice! The demand for nurses is expected to keep rising. Between 2006 and 2016, employment of registered nurses will rise ...Read More...

Nursing Degree Online

Surprising careers you can get with a nursing degree Getting an online degree in nursing qualifies you for a whole host of careers – not just working in a hospital. The medical field is growing by leaps and bounds and ...Read More...


A guide to nursing degree programs Once upon a time, there was only one kind of nurse: the kind that wore little white hats and sensible shoes. Now, nursing is a vast, specialized and fast-growing field. If you’re tough, compassionate and ...Read More...

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